Coldflex Self-Cooling Compression Wrap - 3"x 72"


The COLDFLEX® Compression Wraps are the greatest advancement in cold-therapy products available for treating sprains, strains and other swelling related injuries.  COLDFLEX® Compression Wraps are made of stretchable polyurethane foam that is saturated with 96% water based gel that cools at room temperature. The gel-imbedded wrap evaporates water to simultaneously provide moist, penetrating cooling action and compression. The cooling effect lasts for hours and there is no danger of tissue damage from excessive cold as with the application of ice.

·  Provides Deep Penetration

·  Cools at Room Temperature

·  Pulls Heat OUT - Does Not Force Cold In

·  Provides Self-Cooling Compression

·  Flexible so You Can Move

·  Reusable

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