COLDFLEX Self-Cooling Vet Wraps (4-Units) Apply Discount Code at Checkout and SAVE 50%


Large 3"x72" Vet-Wrap

Safe - Effective - Reusable

COLDFLEX® self-cooling compression wraps are perfect for treating sprains, strains, tendon injuries, bucked shins, hematomas, arthritis, stocking up and core temperature control by reducing the temperature of muscle tissue by as much as 30-degrees (F*), and lasting more than 10-hours after only a single 1-hour treatment!

COLDFLEX® works by PULLING HEAT OUT of the muscle tissue while the compression helps reduce swelling and edema by pushing the fluid out of the injured tissues.

Other cold therapy products FORCE COLD INTO the muscle tissue, often resulting in frostbite and damage of superficial tissues. (Products using menthol and/or alcohol only only provide superficial cooling and irritate sensitive or dry skin.)

COLDFLEX® requires only cool water to re-activate the hydrogel, making it VERY cost-effective, plus it is 100% irritation free, even on abraded skin.

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